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Churro Butter by Papa Bear's

Welcome to Churro Butter by Papa Bear's, the world's first and only Roasted Caramelized Pecan Butter Company.

We're built for people who love to be healthy but also appreciate a little indulgence. When I'd walk the Jersey Shore Boardwalk as a kid I could never get the candied nuts smell out of my mind. Fast forward 20+ years later and I'm immediately nostalgic upon smelling those candied boardwalk nuts. I knew there had to be a way to bring this flavor to my favorite snack, nut butters. From there, Churro Butter was born.

Our business is husband and wife owned and we make every batch in a small kitchen, screwing on lids, grinding nuts, adhering labels, and everywhere in between. Dive into our OG Churro Butter or our Chunky Churro Butter and taste your new favorite nut butter spread.

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