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To Refrigerate or NOT to Refrigerate

To Refrigerate or NOT to Refrigerate

We get this one often. "Does it Need to Be Refrigerated?" Well the truth is, from a safety perspective, it really doesn't matter. 

Refrigerating your Churro Butter extends shelf life but is not required or necessary and really is a matter of texture preference. 

What is my personal preference you ask? Refrigerated. Churro Butter texture at room temperature is a little looser, more spreadable, and a great drizzle on top of your oatmeal, ice cream, or rice cakes. 

Refrigerating Churro Butter will result in a more solid, scoopable, on-the-go type of texture that I, personally, prefer. It's a little less messy and helps me control my Churro Butter distribution. 

So there you have it! The answer to the age old question, to Refrigerate or NOT to Refrigerate. 

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